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Website Design

Ocean Data Alliance is a platform that brings people from many professional fields to find and share ocean data that can benefit our ocean’s future. The goal of this project is to help promote ODA's mission and projects. 

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Team: Sophie Brittain

Jun Hong Park




Information architecture




Ocean Data Alliance


Ocean Data Alliance is a strategic non-profit organization aligning companies toward healing the ocean through the discovery of new data. ODA came to us with the request to establish a full site to raise public awareness on how data can save the ocean, and drive the users to contribute (attend events, donate, etc.).

Call to action--sponsorship and membership

Insights from market research

The main difference between ODA and other ocean-conservation organizations is that we use data to drive changes. ODA’s goal is to set up a global network of ocean data through the collaboration of coastal cities, leaders, and the public. Therefore it’s important to establish a look and feel to create a cohesive narrative that informs the audience of our mission driven by data. 

Web 1920 – 1.png

Initial wireframes and prototypes

After going through rounds of explorations of design directions, we decided to go with a vector-city-map style with dark blue color overlays to convey a sophisticated, trustworthy feeling. We also used a data-block-composed font inspired by creative coding as the main title font. 

oda 2.png
ODA 2.png

The goal is to educate the public about smart ocean city and open new market for ocean data. So we used maps of example of successful cities in using ocean data as the main theme, along with a simple but trustworthy visual style to align with ODA’s mission of sharing ocean data with global cities. Inspired by creative coding, we wanted to use a compelling animation on the landing page to resemble data gathering to form an ocean data network.