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Ocean Data Alliance

To gather objective feedback and minimize bias, general public can submit safety reviews by answering fact-based questions covering the five safety dimensions. Additionally, for dedicated Google Maps Local Guides, question cards are prompted while they are at the location, minimizing the effort required to recall current safety conditions.

A unique site to spread the mission of a nonprofit

Ocean Data Alliance is a strategic non-profit organization aligning companies toward healing the ocean through the discovery of new data. ODA came to us with the request to establish a full site to raise public awareness on how data can save the ocean, and drive the users to contribute (attend events, donate, etc.)

My role:

Web designer in a team of three. 

Built information architecture, wireframes, and visual style of the new site

Time frame:

3 Weeks, July 2019


Interaction Design

Web Design

Brand Strategy

To design a new site for ODA to promote the organization, raise public awareness on how data can save the ocean, and convert new users to contributors (become a member, attend new events, etc).


We used maps of major cities as the main theme to communicate the mission of ODA in bringing coastal cities together to combat rising sea levels. The site is composed of collapsable sections, allowing visitors to access all essential information easily while maintaining a minimal visual style.


We designed the title typeface which resembles data assembling to form a tight ocean data network. I created the landing page animation as well as all animations across the site.


Going through rigorous market research, I recognized the need for ODA to establish a modern, refreshing look that will set it apart from other ocean conservation organizations. In the process of establishing site structure, wireframing and defining visual hierarchy, I focused on crafting a compelling and coherent narrative that communicates ODA's mission driven by data

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