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New York Life website redesign

To gather objective feedback and minimize bias, general public can submit safety reviews by answering fact-based questions covering the five safety dimensions. Additionally, for dedicated Google Maps Local Guides, question cards are prompted while they are at the location, minimizing the effort required to recall current safety conditions.

During my internship at argodesign, our team redesigned the New York Life's .com experience with the goal to demystify NYL products and increase financial literacy. I worked on the homepage to create a personalized, easily navigated experience in order to lead consumers to the services they look for, and potentially speak with an agent. I also worked on expanding the design system library and delivered components handed off to the dev team. The new website was launched in October 2023.

Through this project,  I learned the importance of taking initiative in achieving success as an intern. Despite the challenging learning curve of comprehending NYL insurance policies and corporate compliances, I took proactive steps by setting up meetings with senior designers to align our design objectives with business goals, and was constantly seeking feedback throughout the iterative design process.

Time frame:

Jun–Aug, 2021




Cross-functional Collaboration

Design System


4 product designers

1 design director

1 copywriter

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