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From driving user engagement for a Fortune 500 insurance site, to spearheading the B2B MVP product for an IoT startup, I believe the best products lie in understanding the underlying human needs. Having lived in China, the UK, and the US in the past 20 years, I’ve developed a unique strength in empathizing and forming emotional connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Through listening to their stories, I've gained a deeper understanding and empathy for those around me. As a designer, I want to use my creative juice to tell their stories, to give a voice to those who might not have one otherwise.


To know me better, here's a sneak peek of what working with me feels like:

💡 Embarking on a deeply empathetic journey—I love taking the time to understand the mental models of my users

💡 Challenge, challenge, challenge!—I ask thought-provoking questions to uncover the root causes of problems, I was actually titled "Wendy the Challenger" by my designer friends:)

💡 Experiencing craftsmanship at its finest—I am a detail-devil, upholding high-quality craftsmanship at all time

💡 Having a buddy to bounce off ideas and engaging in heartfelt conversations about the best design out there, or anything...

Hey there, it's Wendy:) I'm a product designer who recently graduated with a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon UniversityMy superpower lies in visual craftsmanship while skillfully questioning to embrace thorny challenges and ambiguity in an agile environment.

Check out a photography website  I coded:) 📷 

When I'm not using Figma, I'm probably using my camera:)

Not to brag, but I did code a responsive website↗ to host my photography, check it out!

Other things I enjoy

🗯   Snowboarding 🏂

🗯   Movies 🎬

🗯   Interactive Experiences 🖼

🗯   Drawing 🎨

🗯   MEOWWW 🐱

🗯   People-watching 😎  (yes, it's a real hobby)

...and awards I've won!

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