Building more efficient in-class interactions

User Experience

More and more classes are relying on online learning platform such as Zoom due to Covid-19. However, both students and professors find online classes less efficient and interactive compared to in-person classes, so I designed new functions on Zoom to address the user pain points.



User research

User journey



User testing


Through personal experience and observations, I found out that college students struggle with Zoom classes compared to in-person learning, due to the lack of concentration and difficulty to concentrate in class.

Find out users' experiences with online classes

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Finding significant user pain points

Listen to class


1. Students don’t know when to speak when eye contact is missing from online learning.

Class discussion

2. More awkward silence when the professor asks open-ended questions.

3. Hard to confirm student’s level of participation in class.

After class

4. Students can’t receive feedback in time

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Pain point 1

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Pain point 2


Difficult timing to speak in class

Difficult to give instant feedback

Define design goals

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Make speaking more efficient in class

GOAL 1: 

  • Indicate the professor when students want to speak in class at any time

  • Allow students and professor to see who is ready to speak in order

  • Students can type and save their questions

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GOAL 2: 

Encourage student to give instant feedback