Integrated Design

"Sephoria: The Fearless Tour" is an experiential campaign designed for the Sephora. Within a group of two, we designed a North American based 4-city tour campaign focused on creating a place for beauty loves to connect, explore and celebrate with an inclusive community, as well as a social media heaven.


Group Project





Social campaign


Client: Sephora


The goal of SEPHORiA is to create a memorable socially-driven beauty experience that attracts GenZ and young Millenials clients to learn, explore and share creative ways of  expressing themselves and. SEPHORiA aims to make impactly ways to explore and celebrate diversity.


Our The Fearless Tour campaign comprises an interactive beauty space activation and social media engagement that supports the journey to self-love. Through embracing all forms of differences, the campaign and activations go beyond the surface to explore the multifaceted side of beauty within all.


Unpack self-love

Most of our initial interactions with beauty products were rooted deep within the search for self-acceptance. So, "Look", "Feel", and "Be" are the three significant stages carried through the campaign that also shape who we are as the fearless ones, from appearance to mindset.

Main message:

Becoming the fearless one. 

Supporting message:

Not afraid to look, to feel, to be.

Call to action: 

Join SEPHORiA's The Fearless Tour to connect, explore and celebrate with a community of beauty lovers.

Visual exploration

The color palette is inspired by the transition from dawn to dusk, from orange, teal, to violet, reflecting the theme of the campaign based on a journey of growth. 






The Fearless Tour

Typeface: Sephora sans BETA

Typeface: Sephora serif book

Social media campaign

1. Pre-game

People are introduced to The Fearless Tour for the first time through our Instagram story, where they could unlock the "I look" filter to put down what they think. The goal is to make the audience feel excited and curious while begin to think about the meanings of self-expression and self-love. 

story look2.png
story look.png
look inspo.png
feel filter.png
be filter.png

2. At SEPHORiA: House of Beauty

Throughout the event, attendees are encouraged to share beauty moments and strong messaging using hashtags we created at each activation. The goal is to receive positive media engagement and coverage.

3. Post-game

Attendees can enter the "What's your most daring look" challenge included in their swag bag by posting their look using #sephoria #fearlesschallenge. This allows users to stay active after the event has ended.

SEPHORiA: House of Beauty

Floor Plan

Inspired by the shapes of galaxy swirls, we designed a floor plan to reflect the ongoing journey traveling inside out, outside in. There are multiple photo opportunities, game booths, and socializing space in the three sections revolved around the central themes of "Look Daring", "Feel Daring", and "Be Daring". We want our audience to have a holistic experience in this immersive "playground".

The Experience

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Swag bag

After the event, visitors will pick up their swag bags containing small gifts and a challenge card, for which they could post a daring look on social media increase media coverage. VIP visitors will get reusable swag bags with higher value items. 

GA package.png

General Admission swag bag 

VIP package.png

VIP swag bag

challnege card.png

A four-city tour experience

SEPHORiA will take place over the weekends across four cities: LA, Atlanta, New York, and Miami. The event will be held in areas with a high demographic of young people and close transportation systems.


The Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, LA, CA


Ambient Plus Studio,Atlanta, GA


Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, NY


New World Center, Miami, FL

LA swag bag booth
LA swag bag booth

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NYC swag bag booth
NYC swag bag booth

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Georgia swag bag booth
Georgia swag bag booth

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LA swag bag booth
LA swag bag booth

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We want to collaborate with a selection of food and beverage brands to cater the event. All of them draw attention to using natural ingredients in their products that aim to deliver fresh and environmental-friendly solutions. They are flexible, instagrammable, and perfect.


Measuring sucesses


  • A compelling narrative that addressed the challenge beyond surface.

  • Strong social media attention and coverage that helps to expand brand influence.

  • Refreshing offline experience pushes forward online product launch.

  • Attract young audiences through collaboration with beauty influencers and refreshing partners who help young Millenials and GenZ to celebrate positivity.