TRES, is a product I developed during the Covid-19 quarantine period. It allows users to share feelings, manage stress level, and connect with each other through using the combination of an app and a physical product.





Mobile UI





TRES "tickets"

Calming patterns inspired by fruits that also help people to relax

TRES ticket container

User flow

Retrieve a TRES ticket and start scanning

The app will find you a match after scanning (likely to be someone who scanned the same pattern as you in the past minutes)

Pull out the tab on the bottom to view your match's stresses and joys to start learning about each other

When the session ends, both users have the opportunity to connect with each other on social media

An activity is set randomly for both users to complete together (.e.g yoga, reading a quote etc). Users are able to chat during the session using the chat box

Another example of an activity: reading an inspirational quote

Each user has a limit of three scans/activities per day, which allows a steady pacing for users to destress and connect


TRES is a product that explores a way for people to share feelings, manage stress level, and connect with each other through doing a series of activities together through an app and a physical product. The idea of a physical "stress ball" made of "TRES tickets" symbolizes the tangled thoughts in our minds; each time the users complete an activity on the app and tear off a "ticket" as they feel better, the action resembles "clearing off" that thought. The prompt for this project is to create a product that lives in an environment, so by having a physical product along aside an app creates a physical manifestation and representation of stress-management.


Stress, a widely-related issue across all generations nowadays, is also the topic I'm related to personally. Especially during the past months, the unsettlement caused by the virus outbreak and quarantine has not only increased our stress levels, but stimulated new ways for people to connect and support each other. This project was born under this extreme circumstance. 


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