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Challenge BBC

App Design

For D&AD New Blood Award Brief, we had to design a new customer experience to help the BBC’s audiences fit the BBC into their

daily lives, tailored and optimised to where they are and the device they are using.



Tingting Chang


User research

User journey

UI design



portfolio opening scene.gif

BBC is trusted by all age groups as a reliable source of information. Through research we found that many people have very fixed modes of reaching BBC, both in terms of what they search for and the platform they use to do so. However, BBC’s full portfolio is extremely diverse and has much more than that to offer. 


We created an app called ‘Challenge BBC’, which lets people to intuitively discover surprising content through a spontaneous mix and match of keywords. With our product, stay informed, educated, and entertained as they discover hidden gems across all BBC platforms.

Brief breakdown

Unaware, breadth, connect, full power, relevant, engaging, daily lives, tailored, optimized, customer experience, ambient intelligence/data, everyone, relationship, interactivity, touchpoints

Create a user experience powered by data/technologies to optimize BBC’s wide breadth of content and make it relevant for everyone.

User profile

We conducted user interviews across the age range of 18-35 to understand how they consume information and what's their experience with BBC so far, then we create a user profile based on the younger generation, but also bear in mind that our product doesn't alienate the existing older users. 


Research findings


1. BBC needs to feel more contemporary to better connect with younger audience

2. BBC's vastness is its asset but also a challenge

3. People are not aware of the broad range of content offered by BBC

4. People don't like consuming information heavily determined by algorithm



Pain point 1

Intimated by the vastness of BBC's content


Pain point 2

Younger audience don't feel connected to the existing brand image

Design goal

To make people, especially younger audience more engaged with BBC across all platforms.


1. Interact with a mix and match of keyword prompts to find surprising content


Blind select keywords in "Let me guess" mode

Find keywords in "Let me choose" mode

change word.gif
word web1.gif

Switch to another set of keywords to generate more surprising content

BBC database pulls content from all platforms based on the connected words 

2. Detect objects and extract keywords from daily snaps, make browsing experience adapted to daily life

photo 2.gif

Machine Learning recognizes elements from photo to generate keywords

Users can explore a diverse content based on where they are

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